Monday, December 31, 2012

DYG Top 2012: No. 1 and 2

Finally at the last day of this year we reveal Mister D.Y.G. 2012:
(1) Mr. Jeffrey Seid, we started this years Top 20 with him and he is finishing it as well. Born June 12th, 1994, Renton (WA), USA. His stats: height 6'0, weight 190 lbs. Contracted already by many famous photographers but his camphone picture while flexing at the locker room delivered him the well deserved title Mister D.Y.G. 2012.

(2) Jeff Seid just left this American gymnast behind him. A truly amazing picture as well.

Thank you for visiting Daily Young Guys in 2012 and please return for new pictures of good looking guys in 2013.

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