Friday, June 19, 2009

Boys in Short Shorts

Vinnie commented on yesterday's post: "Sorry - they are not 'shorts', but 'longs'. I am of the opinion that if a guy has great thighs, then we ought to be able to see them. Check out this site: to really see what shorts should look like."
So that is what I did, today two random pics from this site.


  1. WOW! when you give me such a choice I have a dilemma. The guy in the boards was really something - hot body and looks, but then we had the one in the short shorts - the shorts were great, but it would have been much better if they swapped what they were wearing - the ultimate turn-on! Thanks for posting my comments regarding that website

  2. Just before WW2 some limey dame named Bermuda Schwartz invented Bermuda shorts so that limey troops in n. Africa would have cool calves. They looked like shit then and still do. Gimmee the shorts boyscouts and basketball players used to wear, the kind that on the outsdide of the leg went from crotch level to 2 inches from the waistband. Oh, the legs boys had back then, and they were proud of um.